A Digital Answering Service for the Service Company

A business phone service that provides professional “Receptionist” services.
Announces callers, transfers call to your cell phone – records messages, sends voice, fax and text messages to your e-mail.

Includes Voice / Voice Mail
E-Voice / E-Fax

Perfect for the Service Company!

When a client calls your Business Line:

“You’ve reached Metroplex HVAC. Over 30 years of experience in air conditioning and heating repairs and replacements.
For Sales and Service, please press “1” , to leave a message press “2” , or you can send a text or fax to this number at anytime.”

Includes these features:

Your “Receptionist” allows callers to choose whether to speak to you and announces the caller’s name
– or leave you a message that is automatically sent to your existing e-mail as an E-voice.
“Transfer to Voicemail” – While speaking with caller you can transfer them to your voicemail to leave
detailed information – no more writing messages. The message is then sent to your existing e-mail as
an E-voice.
All recorded messages and voicemails are sent to your e-mail for more efficient and effective follow up.
“E-Fax” – receives faxes to your e-mail.


“Text Messaging” – receive business texts to your Business Line allowing your mobile clients their
preferred choice of communication.
“R to Record” – Record inbound live calls with a single keystroke – sends message to your e-mail.

For Businesses with more than 5 employees – Ask about out Business Office!

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